If the United States Department of Transportation were to shut your startup down, many entrepreneurs might stay down. Not Rob Neuner, CEO of Boost Oxygen. They worked through this (and many other challenges) to come out the other side with a highly successful new product category. The key is resilience and old-fashioned stubbornness.

Chis has created a community – Silver Lining – designed to help the recently unemployed know that they’re not alone. From a hard-core tech entrepreneur with major funding, Chris now finds himself in a completely different seat. That of a compassionate capitalist.

BridgeHealth has built a network of 155 centers of excellence, facilities that score in the top 25 percent in national health outcomes measures, for the procedures that BridgeHealth helps to manage.

Like many young people in Nepal, Karma Tenzing had left the country to seek his fortune elsewhere. But a major earthquake hit Kathmandu and Karma knew he had to re-think his real purpose. He went home to Nepal. Now he’s a social entrepreneur making a major difference for his people.