Entries by Steve St. Claire


Scott Ewing Troublemaker at Appalachian Investor Alliance

The Appalachian region is known for tough, blue collar people who for generations have beaten the odds to overcome unforgiving landscapes and harsh conditions using grit, determination, and ingenuity. As it looks to re-invent for the next chapter of the region, Appalachia is collectively harnessing the power of the entrepreneurial mindset to re-imagine the future while paying homage to its rich history.


Gwen and Tommy Mitchell Troublemakers at LogHeads

The theme of this episode is perseverance. Tommy and Gwen were at the top of their game. Then their main wood shop, a huge building, burned down. That didn’t stop Tommy and Gwen. They began building back and are now on course with renewed energy, new rustic furniture designs, several huge building opportunities on the horizon, and an aggressive marketing approach.


John Ricci Troublemaker at Danavation

Some in the retail sector are embracing the benefits of technology – the web, IoT, etc. Those companies who aren’t are falling further and further behind. Danavation is helping retailers embrace high tech, using an approach they’re accustomed to – high-touch. And Danavation is going well beyond retail into some surprising industries. Listen in and learn from John’s 25+ years of experience.