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Statista says the North American Security Services market is currently valued at $32 Billion Dollars. When I think of the sector, I envision Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, MIB toughs in black suits and ties. As I found out, the opportunity is far more than that.

My guest on this podcast spotted a weakness in two sectors and is quickly capitalizing on them. Martin Randolph is Co-founder and CEO of Osmond Inc.

A Convergence Opportunity

The cyber security sector had been (and still is) viewed as having nothing to do with physical security. Osmond’s target is SMBs, many of them retailers. Martin and team realized if they could tighten up communications between cyber and physical security, they could totally prepare their clients.

Imaging a retailer who’s not aware there’s a cyber breach. Now imagine that store has door locks that can be opened and closed at particular times using digital connections. Now the retailer has a very serious problem.

Another scenario is a shopper coming into a store and asking unusual questions. Osmond can determine if they’re digging for clues and information, possibly months in advance of launching a cyber attack.

An Entrepreneur Since Age 11

You’ll hear Martin’s stories of being a New York skateboarder, moving to California and starting an after-market business from used boards. He sold bicycle parts out of his backyard. He designed earrings. He started a record label.

An early work ethic is a theme with many of my troublemakers.

Listening to Martin, you’ll know he’s done a lot of reading in business books and has been around a lot of business experts.

Gratitude and Drive

Of all the interviews I’ve done, Martin set the record for the highest number of people he remembers to thank for his success. That speaks volumes.

About 5 minutes into the podcast, Martin talks about lessons learned from the grittiest street life of New York; mistakes he didn’t want to make; paths he wanted to avoid.

He knew he want to be successful, making a lot of money. Looking in his mirror, Martin told himself, “First, you need to become a successful human.”

“I wouldn’t take anything I’ve done back because everything I’ve been through has made me who I am today. Being lost is so close to being found.”

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