Entries by Steve St. Claire


Candice Crane Troublemaker at Crane Automotive Resources

Candice Crane’s focus is on strategic organizational development. She reduces turnover and engages employees in challenging environments. Retail auto dealerships are certainly challenging. Candice is looking to change that industry from the inside out. When you hear this podcast, you’ll agree with me that she’s just the person to do it.


Dusty Bonner Troublemaker at Trupanion

Meet Dusty Bonner, Senior VP of Distribution and Field Sales at Trupanion. Veterinarians didn’t open their practices to sell pet insurance. But they know the value Trupanion can bring to ease their clients’ worries when injuries or illness strike. As Dusty points out, Trupanion is continually looking for ways to help Veterinarians help their clients.


Amit Chandarana Troublemaker at Roadster

Has your company experienced a major pivot? This podcast is a story of Roadster, a SaaS omni-channel solution that aims to completely modernize the automobile buying and selling experiences. Listen in as Amit Chandarana describes the brilliant pivot Roadster’s leadership team went through and why they’re driving it to success.


Brian White Troublemaker at Herschel Supply

If you look behind the brands that have lit up the cool side of the fashion industry for the past 3 decades, you’ll find Troublemakers leading the way.

It’s not easy to find the magic formula, but it always involves at least one very strong personality who can lead the company to fame.

Herschel Supply Company has that attitude and they’ve rocketed to fame.