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The rate of commoditization in the B2B SaaS sector is a major factor for any company entering. If you aren’t able to build a secure mote around your castle, you’ll quickly find yourself cutting prices to compete.

Steven Forth, Co-Founder of Ibbaka identifies 3 reasons the rate of commodification is accelerating:

  • Innovation is better understood than ever before
  • Everyone is using the same building blocks
  • Advances like AI are lowering boundaries to entry

Supply Chain Performance in real-time

COVID-19 woke up even people who had no awareness of the term “Supply Chain” to just how dependent we all are on its success. And yet plenty of companies are still offering complicated, slow, and disjointed solutions.

An expert mote builder

Phil Newmoyer, CEO of PROVOSO has a vast amount of experience that helps him differentiate on multiple fronts. As you look through their website, you’ll agree it’s an impressive technological achievement.

Most tech companies would stop there. What makes Phil and PROVOSO different is their focus on more than the tech side.

CORE VALUES: The human advantage

Phil places a great deal of emphasis on the company’s core values. Go to the About Us page and click on Core Values link. There’s language on here that I haven’t seen other technology companies use, at least not in writing.

Phil is proud to state (in writing) that PROVOSO is raising the bar on how software companies should work with their clients.

“We commit to you that every PROVOSO associate will ALWAYS place your needs first—and not just making a sale.”

“We will consistently deliver products and services that achieve the promised results—together.”

“And we will ALWAYS place your trust in us as the highest priority.”

SPEED: The technology advantage

The digestion of billions of data points slows down some supply chain software, but not PROVOSO. Near the end of the podcast, Phil goes into detail equating supply chain management software to the human nervous system – it must be real-time, all the time. Companies need supplier and product visibility from data sources of every imaginable form, leading to predictive insights to guide rapid global business responses.

A HOLISTIC SOLUTION: It will solve your needs.

In the CIO role at places like Toys “R” Us, and Serta Simmons Bedding, Phil has sat on the other side of the table listening to tons of pitches by software companies. He learned the hard way where the over-promises were, and where the failures were likely to appear.

Phil is quick to credit the team at PROVOSO with the incredible solution they’ve built together. I won’t go into the details of the suite, but I highly advise you click on the website link “PROVOSO Suite” and see just how complete it is.

You’ll agree with me that it really can unify and identify supplier, product, PO, contract, transactional and supply chain data and, using predictive and classification models, identify potential order, supplier, and product actions and requirements.

After listening to this podcast, you’ll also agree that PROVOSO’s focus on the human side gives them a very secure moat.

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