Ken Bombace and his company Global Threat Solutions work in an industry of extremes. Extreme deadlines. Extreme challenges. And sometimes extreme danger. So I knew he’d be a great interview for our Troublemakers podcast.

Sean Weisbord is Director of Sales for BurnAlong, a company that’s shaking up the corporate wellness industry, the fitness gym industry, and the online workout industry. They are some serious troublemakers. Steve’s interview gets right down to the culture of the company that allows them to keep innovating.

“If you believe that something can’t be done. It certainly won’t be done. But if you believe that it can, you’ll find a way.” – David Feinberg, CEO of PURE Juicer

For years, the phrase “Employee Engagement,” was thrown about in HR departments as though the responsibility for work success was all on the employees. Then Work Institute’s Thomas Mahan, Ph.D. and Danny Nelm came along and turned that on its head.