Bridget Molloy has formulated and manufactured over 40 botanical products, developed 30 community classes, 2 courses, and an online course portal. Each product is formulated based on current scientific research and combined with traditional global healing practices. In other words, she’s highly credible and very serious.

Here’s a little-known fact. Shipping adds millions of dollars to our nation’s growing healthcare costs every year. Lori Jones, Vice President of Sales and the team at VPL are just the troublemakers to solve this problem. “We’re transforming the freight management space in healthcare through technology. Our software solutions provide choice, transparency, and control to the providers.”

In a 25 minute podcast Matt Weber, Fit For Work’s National Director of Sales, leads us through so many proof points that his company has been a major troublemaker in their industry since 1998 that it’s simply overwhelming.

They have one of the most clearly articulated brand statements I’ve ever seen:

“We prevent people from getting injured.”

Here’s that word again – stubbornness. Kirsten Potenza, CEO and Co-Founder of POUND® Fitness has invented and grown something totally unique. Inspired by drumming, loud music, and the camaraderie she experienced on UCLA’s Division 1 crew team, POUND is an exhilarating experience that lights up gym classes and trainers alike.