It’s so much fun interviewing CEOs who are solving problems we didn’t know we had. This interview is about a business sector whose main technological achievement changed very little since approximately 618 AD. The invention by the Chinese was a toothbrush made from the coarse bristles of Siberian hogs. Dr. Keith Arbeitman has perfected oral care with SymplBrush, which delivers 20x the bristle coverage and is 137% better at reducing gingivitis.

When you can find a gap in your business sector, then you’re already ahead of your competition. My podcast guest, Martin Randolph, noticed a weakness in the managed securities industry, and it’s an important one. His ideal customers are SMBs, and they face a double threat – both physical and digital. Martin’s company Osmond is spotting the signs of potential digital breaches by carefully monitoring in-store physical behavior. This is next-generation protection.

I don’t think I’m overstating the importance of a big change in the cannabis industry. Not the fact that more states are opening up, but rather the fact that a troublemaker named Ralf Kaiser and his company Integrated Compliance Solutions came along to help the banking sector feel completely comfortable helping cannabis and hemp-based businesses. Now we’ll see this business sector really take off and reach its full potential.

As you’ll hear in this podcast, Greg Kerber was a troublemaker from day one. But even with all his success, all his experience and know-how, he’s humble. One example is that, like many entrepreneurs, he describes Gnome Serum differentiators based on their product attributes. And these are truly inventive. But as you’ll come to learn, I think their differentiators are cultural. They may not fully understand why, but they’re troublemakers.