I’m convinced that entrepreneurs are different than regular working people. They see opportunities and jump in, overcoming the risks and setbacks. The dynamic duo of Harry Dubke and Perry Griffith spotted something in the short-term housing market nearby to universities. This niche of the real estate business was never figured out by the giant multi-tenant companies. But Harry and Perry figured it out very quickly, and now they’re poised for a great run.

I love it when entrepreneurs are at the right place and the right time. My next guest found just that with the convergence of a massive rise in “solopreneurs” and a grossly underserved market of people who still don’t know how to use social media.
Rolan Reichel of Arrow found a massive and underserved market. He and his team invented precisely the right software to help this group gain new clients. This could become a huge new market.

Many of us came up in business influenced by the dot com boom. Insane timelines and endless hours of work were de rigueur. Pam Gunther launched Fit and Fun Playscapes differently. She embeded herself into the education world, talking to physical educators, principals, teachers, occupational therapists, and others, learning their struggles. The approach paid off.