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Starbucks was a new way to experience coffee. But, if you think about it, their stores were upgraded diners focused on coffee.

Keurig was new and different. Their little packages help to avoid spilling coffee grounds in your kitchen.

Espresso machine manufacturers shrunk the profile of their product to sell it into the home market.

All the above – and many others – leave you out of the part of the coffee-making process that most controls the taste: The roasting of the green coffee beans.

Founder and CEO Anjani Annumalla is changing that with Bunafr.

The Bunafr roaster

The roaster is the showpiece at the center of all this. It’s not only beautiful, but also brilliant:
· It offers 5 roast levels – from light to French.
· The green bean hopper has a built-in scale for measuring just the right batch.
· The roaster has smoke suppression so no smoke in your home.
· A no-guessing sensor – hold any of our bags of green beans up to the sensor and it automatically sets all the necessary settings in the unit. Scan and roast. It has a total of over a dozen sensors throughout.
· It has a small footprint – 6” x 12” x 16”
· Patent pending technology
· Real-time roast control
· Custom roast profiles on the app
· A vacuum sealed roasted bean container

Coffee personalization

Click “Take Coffee Quiz” on their website and start your journey. The quiz is extensive, which points to how many options Bunafr makes available. When I was done, three bean options popped up:

  • Sumatra – Solok Radjo
  • Brazil – Riacho das Varas
  • Ethiopia – Arsi Refisa

My next step on the website was “Green Coffee Subscriptions.” Each month they will send you curated a new micro-lot from one of their single origin coffee grower partners. They offer three journeys:

  • Single Origin Journey – Single origin coffees are grown on a single farm or cooperative, which means they all taste different.
  • Blends Journey – Each month you’ll receive a rotation of one of Bunafr’s signature blends. Espresso, Traditional Dark, or Fall Blend.
  • Remarkable Journey – These are the most remarkable micro-lots of rare varietals (90+ scores).

After you try your choices, you can order different options the next month. Bunafr encourages members to explore the entire array of mix and match options.

Great coffee for you. A better deal for coffee farmers and the planet.

This from Anjani:

“Home coffee roasting can revolutionize the way each cup is personalized and consumed. And on top of that, it also starts to solve some deeply rooted problems of the coffee world – farmers’ inequity/poverty and the carbon footprint of coffee on the environment. Today, 80% of coffee farmers (25M farmer families) live below the poverty line because the coffee index gates the price paid to them, which is taken advantage of because farmers do not have the means to sell coffee directly to consumers. At Bunafr, our vision is to disrupt that practice by democratizing coffee roasting. “

Green beans have a long shelf life unlike roasted beans, so Bunafr only offers monthly subscription to reduce the cost and price for their customers and reduce the impact on the environment.

About Anjani

Anjani spent just shy of 8 years with Amazon, and not just any years. These were years of massive growth for Amazon.

From his LinkedIn profile:

  • Head of Product/Program Management, International Expansion – Fresh and Pantry
  • Manager, Product Management – WW Last Mile Experience. Manager, Product Management. WW Last Mile Experience
  • Head of Product Technical – Amazon Fulfillment/Amazon Robotics Technology

Anjani did his undergrad work at Savitribai Phule Pune University.
He got his MBA in International Business at the University of San Diego.

If you heard my podcast before, you know I often ask my Troublemakers “Why you?” Anjani immediately delivered the best answer to that question I’ve ever heard.

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