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Alan F3 Zorro Blakeborough Troublemaker at Tax Titans

Even if you’re an expert in your business sector, going in as a troublemaker to shake things up can make things difficult.

Taking a look at Alan’s LinkedIn page is exhausting. The man must not sleep. I set out to list all his jobs, but it would have been overwhelming.

During his 6 years in the US Army, Alan took a Tank Commanders Course as well as an infantry Officer Basic Course and Airborne School. He’s worked at, founded, and guided over 20 different companies – many of them accounting related.

From his LinkedIn page

Alan Blakeborough “Blake” as his friends and colleagues refer to him, is a serial entrepreneur. One of the crazy ones. He has an accounting degree and calls himself a recovering accountant. He is also a military mustang (enlisted converted to officer). He has served as both an infantry officer and a tank officer.

There is a severe shortage of accountants heading our way. Burnout is the main culprit. Early in May 2023 Alan got a call from an accountant friend and ending up helping him pull in outside accountants’ to help, but it wasn’t easy.

The Wall Street Journal ran this article on July 11, 2023 –

The Accountant Shortage Is Showing Up in Financial Statements

 Advance Auto Parts and others have cited a lack of skilled accounting personnel for material weaknesses in their financial-reporting controls, a key predictor of restatements. Read it here >>

By July, Alan had decided this wasn’t a problem, but rather a huge opportunity. The accounting sector was ripe for a new way of working. The method would be to approach the vast number of part time (1099)  accountants and give them more money than they would ever have had working in an accounting office with long hours. Now they’ll be able to work as much or as little, pull in new clients from other states, and if they have to move they can still keep their “book of business.”

Always solving

As Alan moved ahead, other opportunities popped up. For instance, the lack of succession planning in the accounting sector. Doctors are required to have succession planning in place. Lawyers too. And now, finally accountants. Alan’s mind never rests!

Listen through to the end when Alan explains his unusual name.

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