Clement King Troublemaker at Executive Consulting LLC

Clement King spent 17 years in high-level positions with large services companies. While there he was exposed to best practice management theories like Patrick Lencioni author of "The Advantage, why organizational health trumps everything else in business." Clement is a sponge for knowledge, a people person, driven to succeed, and - importantly - he's not afraid to be vulnerable.
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Alan F3 Zorro Blakeborough Troublemaker at Tax Titans

The media is catching on to a major problem in the accounting sector. There is a massive shortage of skilled accountants. Some companies might make the mistake of bringing on less-experienced personnel to do the books. This will inevitably lead to more ICFR shortcomings and fraud. Alan F3 Zorro Blakeborough thinks it's the perfect time to overhaul the accounting sector.
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