Ralf Kaiser Troublemaker at Greenlight Payments

I don’t think I’m overstating the importance of a big change in the cannabis industry. Not the fact that more states are opening up, but rather the fact that a troublemaker named Ralf Kaiser and his company Integrated Compliance Solutions came along to help the banking sector feel completely comfortable helping cannabis and hemp-based businesses. Now we’ll see this business sector really take off and reach its full potential.

Greg Kerber Troublemaker at Gnome Serum

As you'll hear in this podcast, Greg Kerber was a troublemaker from day one. But even with all his success, all his experience and know-how, he's humble. One example is that, like many entrepreneurs, he describes Gnome Serum differentiators based on their product attributes. And these are truly inventive. But as you'll come to learn, I think their differentiators are cultural. They may not fully understand why, but they're troublemakers.
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