David Feinberg Troublemaker at PURE Juicer 

The 2-stage cold press juicer category had no serious advancements in the last 50 years. The category was dominated by a manufacturer that built a 2-stage cold press juicer which was held together with wing nuts. ­­The design of the feed tube was such that when you put a carrot into it to grind it up, a large portion of the carrot got sprayed up onto your ceiling. Under the pressure of it’s own engine, the structure of the juicer itself began shifting and groaning.

Then David Feinberg came along.

In the podcast, when I mention to David that the PURE Juicer squeezes everything out of the ground pulp, leaving a very dry “puck,” he told me they’re experimenting with even finer grinding to get 5% to 10% more juice and enzymes out. David is definitely not done innovating.

As you’ll hear later in the podcast, all the improvements he’s made are not random. He’s well aware of the concept of a mature product. At some point David will declare the PURE Juicer mature and then will make one last improvement: He’ll lower the price so more people can have the highest quality juice in their lives.

Are all troublemakers risk takers?

David Feinberg is definitely a troublemaker. He shook up the entrenched competitor in the market so much that they re-designed several parts of their juicer… in a hurry. But listening to this podcast, you’ll realize how unpretentious, humble, and trusting he is. He’s definitely not a Type A.

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The biggest hurdle

04:10 – David talks about the single biggest obstacle he had to overcome:

Manufacturing, the U.S. no longer has a supply chain that supports small production runs.

The opportunities

06:09 – David had a very unique answer on this. He identified his biggest opportunity as personal growth. At 07:30, David gave me some insights about myself that I’d never thought about.

What advice would you give your younger self?

11:49 – Great quote here… “Follow your art.”

How has your disruption of the industry made it better?

12:18 – “We’ve re-proven the axiom that competition is good.” This section gets into the real benefits of having troublemakers run things. From affordability, to lower prices, to a more-healthy secondary market, David Feinberg seriously shook up this industry.

What drove you to build a better mousetrap?

This section is where David articulates what drives him as a troublemaker.

19:22 – “If you believe that something can’t be done. It certainly won’t be done. But if you believe that it can, you’ll find a way.”

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