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Troublemakers often find themselves working in opposition to the status quo. Danny Nelms, president of Work Institute, does just that since he often finds himself telling companies not what they want to hear, but what they NEED to hear.

Danny and his colleagues can tell you more about the health of your company just by talking to your people than any spreadsheet or financial report ever will. That’s because Danny, and the team at Work Institute, including founder Thomas Mahan, Ph.D., believe that the employees of any organization are foundational to business success.

Contrary to current belief, they also posit that it’s incumbent on employers to create and maintain positive, productive relationships with their employees, not the other way around. In other words, too many companies are doing too little to enable and measure their relationships with their employees until it’s too late – once the employee has already decided to leave. It’s not the employee’s responsibility to “be” engaged with the employer, rather it’s the employer’s mandate to create engagement.

Why are companies failing to understand this simple fact? That’s what we asked Danny in our interview as we discussed the latest publication from Work Institute, “EmployeR Engagement: The Fresh and Dissenting Voice on the Employment Relationship,” written by Danny and Dr. Mahan. Available at Amazon

“Don’t automate stupid”

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We sat down with Danny and talked about what employers are doing wrong, as well as what they’re doing right. He shared some interesting anecdotes with us, and we talked about our favorite quotes from the book, including “Don’t automate stupid,” and other gems.

Danny has a fresh take on the employer – employee relationship, especially in these troubled times.

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