Sean Weisbord Troublemaker at BurnAlong

Sean Weisbord is Director of Sales of BurnAlong. Based in Maryland, BurnAlong invented an online video and social motivation community that helps people achieve their health goals or overcome challenges. Fitness training videos are a crowded industry. But it’s not crowded for BurnAlong. They’re standing way out in front of other companies.

INC Magazine described BurnAlong as “Pioneering a New Approach to Wellness (that Actually sticks).”

The Industry

In the corporate health insurance industry and specifically corporate wellness programs, the inventiveness goes something like this:
You work at a company with an on-campus gym and/or wellness program. If you become a member of it, then your monthly insurance premiums come down a bit. And then they might give you another cut in premiums to do some screenings and health assessments. That’s it. They have no way of knowing you set foot in the gym and no way of seeing your weight going up.

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Then BurnAlong came along

BurnAlong bring a service to corporate wellness plan users which gives them online the experience that is already proven to work for people in person: Their choice of wellness program, their choice of instructor, and their friends working out with them live.

BurnAlong’s target prospects are municipalities, universities, hospitals, companies, insurers, and brokers. That’s on the client side.

On the content side, they partner with on-site and local gyms, studios, instructors, and wellness professionals to create and deliver the best classes, programs, and social experience.

BurnAlong’s members can choose from thousands of classes across more than 45 categories. They’re taught by hundreds of instructors. Members can take classes online when their schedule allows, and they can invite friends to work out with them live online.

The ultimate goal is to help people achieve their health and wellness goals in a way that works for them.

What makes them troublemakers

A stroll through BurnAlong’s blog will give you a sense of just how much innovation this company is doing. (The latest is using your camera to measure your heart rate. They’re the first to do this.) As I found out while interviewing Sean, the drive to innovate is built into their culture from the top down. But innovation doesn’t travel in vertical lines at BurnAlong. Co-founders and Co-CEOs Daniel Freedman and Mike Kott are big on in-office communication and collaboration across all divisions. Anyone in the company can come up with and contribute to ideas. Anyone can sit in on any meeting.

As Sean says on the podcast, “The ability to be creative, I think, is so important to who we are. I don’t mean just creative types, artists, or those who do creative work for a living, but everybody has a creative side to them. It’s so important to keep disrupting and looking at things differently because no two people are going to look at something the exact same way.”

And then he nailed it, “I don’t think it’s specifically what you do, but it’s the ability to use your creativity and your ability to innovate. And the ability to not get knocked down for doing that, but rather being encouraged for doing that.”

That’s how you build a culture of troublemaking.

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