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Big Content Marketing for Big Results

Hiring a Fractional CMO or Marketing Director gets you a highly skilled marketing pro who brings you process and confidence, without having to incur the costs and headaches of hiring someone full time.

We quickly engage with your internal staff to learn what’s working, what’s not, and turn the focus of marketing towards sales support.

We have a “lean” approach, putting your marketing spend to work where it will drive leads and help to close sales.

  • Targets and Opportunities – We dig deep into your data, then sit with your top salespeople, marketing staff, and operations executives to fully understand your business and the “low hanging” opportunities.
  • Sales Pipeline Planning and Implementation – Trouble will use the knowledge gained above to construct your sales funnels and make sure all marketing efforts are pointed and pulling leads through the funnels.
  • Content Strategy and Execution – We’re highly experienced at content marketing and will build a robust and streamlined content marketing engine.
  • Marketing Personnel Training – In a recent survey of advertising professionals, 90% of marketing department staff say they have to figure things out on their own due to the lack of training. We provide precise training and strategies that will increase your marketing team members’ confidence and efficiency. More here >>
  • Big Content Ideas and Execution – Too many companies are flooding the market with ebooks, whitepapers, and info-graphics. Trouble group will flow bigger ideas through your marketing software stack which your prospects will find far more valuable.
  • Metrics and Measurement – Full measurement from front to back of the customer journey.
  • Creative Jumpstart – It’s easy to get stuck in a marketing rut. We’ll bring a fresh set of eyes and our strategic approach to pump some jet fuel into your marketing.
  • Course Corrections – The best digital marketers keep learning as and adjusting as they go. We use the data to find better and better methods.
  • A Trusted Partner – Because we’re independent, we’re an objective set of eyes and ears for your executive management decisions.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – We’ve run our own businesses since 1999. We take a lean approach, even with large clients.

Account-Based Marketing for B2B Sales

B2B companies are ideally suited for ABM. It’s the exact opposite of mass marketing, focusing your marketing and sales efforts on only a few perfect targets at a time. Stop wasting time and resources on trying to be everything to everyone and be the best option for fewer prospects. Let’s go elephant hunting.

We take an extremely high-end approach, inventing uniquely engaging outreach programs that are memorable and useful to your target audience.

Watch the video below to see one of our approaches.

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