• What to sell when people aren’t buying

Stalled projects. Stuck pipelines. What to do?
We’ve got a system that will easily open doors and build
longterm relationships for your Salespeople.

We’ll teach you how.

We’re a Creative Force for your Sales Force.

  • Embrace the fact that customers and prospects are not buying now
  • Create momentum with “paused” projects
  • Have brilliant and appreciated conversations with new targets
  • I’ll help you invent a compelling reason they will look forward to your calls

System Deliverables

  • Train Sales on Trouble Group’s system
  • Interview Training (ingraining the tone and manner)
  • Train Sales on Custom Outreach & Nurture Scripts
  • Using the data for ongoing contact
  • Accountability / Data / Proof of success
  • Training on how to amortize this investment for years to come

Steve helped us
make a splash in an
already crowded space.

Every business needs
somebody like Steve standing with them
every step of the way.

They came up with
omnidirectional strategies and
plans to help us out of our rut.

Steve’s ability to learn our complex
products allowed him to craft effective
ideas that got response and results.

Raritan experienced
significant growth.
Much of the credit for that belongs to Steve.

It’s time to start some trouble

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