Karma Tenzing
Troublemaker in Nepal

You think your industry throws difficulties your way? Meet Karma Tenzing.

For many years, Karma lived the dream many young people in Nepal have. To get out of Nepal and thrive in the United States. Karma achieved a successful life working in the bespoke foreign exchange industry in New York City. Then a major earthquake hit Kathmandu in 2015. He knew it was time to go home to help his people.

Three of the world’s major religions believe in karma: Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism. 81% of the population of Nepal practice Hinduism. 9% practice Buddhism.

Those who believe in karma think their past deeds determine their present circumstances; and present deeds determine future outcomes. So when things go wrong, like that earthquake in 2015, there’s no accountability or ownership…no way forward. They just accept it.

You’ve got to be a serious troublemaker to come ups against karma (the spiritual kind). Karma Tenzing’s commitment to his people is that strong.

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A true troublemaker

He’s achieving his goals strategically, with small steps, like nurturing and educating the younger generation at the school he took over – the Kathmandu Valley School in Maharajgunj. Now a social entrepreneur, Karma is re-investing his profits from the school to fund many different enterprises employing a total of over 200 people.

• The Kathmandu Valley School in Maharajgunj – Karma’s family had owned the school but sold it. Karma bought it back and became the principal there. Karma leveraged profits from the school to pay for orphans to attend, provide meals for them as well as an old-age home. And he began to fund further projects. Learn more >>

• The Expedition company – Into the Himalaya is Karma’s expedition business with 16-time Mt. Everest Summiteer & World Record holder, Jangbu Sherpa.  Learn more >>

• The Restaurant –A Darjeeling-styled MoMo restaurant in Kathmandu with an authentic taste. Learn more >>

• KTM Entertainment – Karma’s socially conscious event management company in New York City organizing concerts and parties headlined by artist and bands from Nepal and the Himalayas.” Find them on Facebook by searching – “KTM Entertainment”

One idea that Karma quickly embraced during his financial days in New York has served him well in Nepal: Diversification. We all know the importance of this in investing, but it takes on far more importance when you’re faced with uncertainty in a developing country. When the world is shaking all around you – literally and figuratively – you’ll be glad you built diversity into your business holdings and into your life.

Big crampons to fill

Karma Tenzing was named after his great uncle, Tenzing Norgay, the 2nd man to summit Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary. Now Karma has his own summit to climb – his many business and social ventures. In this quest, he’s well above base camp, and climbing strong.

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