Is your content marketing listening?

A study by RivalIQ published in 2020 showed engagement levels in all content marketing channels is down. That’s social media, your blog posts, and web pages.

I think this is the result of two things:

  1. There’s far more content being produced in every business sector than there are eyeballs to consume it
  2. Very few companies are taking a disruptive approach to online marketing. The vast majority are contributing to the clutter.

What is content marketing that listens?

It’s content you build that doesn’t focus on your company, your services, or your products. It focuses on your potential customers, existing customers, and thought leaders in your category.

This might seem simple but having helped many companies figure out how to execute this strategy, I can assure you it’s not at all easy. That said, if you do it right it’s worth every hour you’ll pour into it.

So how can you listen?

I’m training companies to use my methods to pull in their prospects, fans, and industry influencers to share their stories.

I might recommend you do this with captured Zoom videos, or perfectly produced podcasts. I also coach companies to use more inventive ways to pull this off, because the inventive methods always gain the most attention.

If you’re ready to explore more inventive ways to use your content marketing to listen, contact us at 917-676-6788.

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