• Let’s add some rocket fuel to your Hubspot-driven website

Hubspot is a powerful marketing tool. And it’s demanding. Like other companies using it, you’re probably cranking out tons of content to keep up, sometimes prioritizing quantity over quality. It’s no wonder we’re hearing reports of plummeting engagement levels.

We help companies stand out, not just from their competitors, but from the sameness that’s engulfing marketing. We do it by inventing ideas that are much bigger and far more successful than ebooks and blog posts.

Trouble Group ideas are the rocket fuel you need to get the most out of your marketing automation investment.


Average number of Facebook engagements (likes/shares) from content marketing is down 20% so far in 2017.

One study showed a 35% increase in content led to a 17% decrease in engagement.
The answer is smarter strategy and less volume.

Procter & Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer thinks you’re caught in a content crap trap.

We’re consultants who help marketing departments shake things up. We study your marketing strategy and come in with ideas that will radically build your brand, increase your notoriety, and boost your engagement. Our ideas speed up the trip through your sales funnel.

Trouble Group consultants have 30+ years in some of the best and most creative ad agencies and marketing departments on the planet. We’ve done award-winning work for brands like Nissan, Waterford, Labatts, Ricoh, Fila, and many more.

Take a look at a few of our case study videos below and imagine ideas this big deployed into your Hubspot environment.

Yes, we smashed a competitor’s products with a toilet

We train in-house teams to be more creative, efficient, and successful.

The examples below are from our creative training curricula built by 30+ year industry experts. We’re excited to help your marketing departments produce more effective communications.

Video Creation Training (1:48 sample footage)
87% of your competitors are using video in their digital marketing. Why aren’t you filming, animating, and editing yours in-house with your marketing team? We created all the videos you see sampled here and your marketing department can be trained to do it just as effectively. Your company will save time and money, making it possible for you to churn out the kind of videos that will make your marketing automation much more effective.

Brand Continuity Training (4:00 sample)
Brand continuity makes a huge difference in the cluttered world of marketing. Does your marketing department invent in and maintain a unified look in all media?

File Management Training (4:00 sample podcast)
Countless hours are wasted every year in marketing departments looking for horribly organized files. Trouble Group’s James Eves has a process for this. You can listen to a short snippet of that 40 minute training here. Our in-person training is far more detailed and made to last in your company.

Tons of  Training

We also get involved with the basics – best practice.

  • Do you have brand image continuity?
  • How much time are you burning looking for poorly organized files?
  • Who teaches your young art directors to kern headlines?
  • How do you handle external creative vendors who are delivering inconsistent work?

We’ve seen and solved every marketing problem imaginable

Our consultants’ vast range of experience puts us in a unique position to help companies in many ways. We’ve held management and C-suite positions in companies of all shapes and sizes. We’ve worked in B2B and B2C, major national ad agencies, and owned & operated small, nimble companies.

We get highly involved in shaking things up for even the most automated and metrics-driven marketing departments as well as advising on business and structural issues in companies.

  • Brand Revitalization
  • Manufacturing-to-Marketing Transformation
  • Customer Engagement Optimization
  • Marketing Plans
  • Digital Transformation
  • Finding What’s Broken
  • Sales/Marketing Alignment
  • Interim CMO

Steve St. Clair

Steve has been a restless inventor and creator in two of his own companies for over 10 years. Before that he was a creative leader and marketing strategist for almost two decades at places like Chiat/Day in Toronto as well as Saatchi, Y&R, and Hill Holliday in New York City. Along the way he won some of the world’s most challenging award shows and the respect of his peers for clients like Nissan, Labatts Beer, Fila, Waterford Crystal, Dun & Bradstreet, and more.

Alyssa Lurie

Alyssa is a driven and highly-engaged Account Executive turned Creative Strategist. Spending all of her young career at a content marketing agency startup, she has worn the hats of brand manager, content marketing manager, customer experience manager, project manager, digital strategist and social media strategist, all in the last 5 years while learning the ins-and-outs of running an agency.

Rob Farber

Rob Farber is a fully integrated, award-winning Executive Producer. He previously worked for many large and small advertising agencies in various roles. He’s served as a Producer, Executive Producer and Group Executive Producer, where he’s run entire agency production departments.

James Eves

James is a masterful graphic artist. Actually, he’s more like a wizard. For over 20 years, he worked a variety of positions in agencies, printers, design studios and service bureaus mastering a broad range of the graphic arts technology and gaining a refined appreciation for the creative process.

Michele Hart-Henry

Michele was most recently Executive Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing at Lingraphica. They provide speech-generating devices, innovative apps and online therapy tools for people who have lost the ability to speak due to a stroke or other neurological event. She led Marketing, Product Development, Funding, Sales, Sales Support, Customer Support and Administration.

Judy Mitchell Shaw

Judy is a marketing professional with extensive experience as a client and as a consultant. Her corporate career included VP and Director stints with insurance and healthcare institutions. Her consulting career has focused on strategic marketing and communications initiatives for a diverse corporate and non-profit client base, including Walgreens, Take Care health Systems, Michelin, HP, Intel, Notre Dame, United Concordia Dental, Capital Blue Cross, and National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association.

Dan Weill

Dan specializes in unique cross platform solutions that help companies build their businesses. He speaks MYSQL, CakePHP, Web 2.0, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, iOS7 SDK, iPhone, Android, JQTouch, WordPress, CSS, and much more. He leads the development of Fortune 500 caliber solutions that go far beyond websites and apps.

Brigette Klakring

Brigette has been a marketing director, digital marketing consultant, digital account executive, and digital media consultant. In other words, she’s incredibly adept at digital marketing and the implementation of advertising creation, scheduling, implementation, and analytics, PPC, SEO, display, print, radio, and social strategy.

Rich Stillman

Over the past 30 years, Rich has worked as CEO, COO, and VP Marketing/Sales in large companies and entrepreneurial settings alike, and has extensive experience in business strategy and operations, product innovation and the full spectrum of marketing planning and execution. He also created the 6 Block System for strategic planning and execution which he’s successfully implemented in numerous small and large organizations.

Steve Litzow

Steve Litzow is a sales and marketing expert bringing over 25 years of results oriented leadership with a strong intersection of skills at customer experience, strategy, and technology.

An innovative leader, he has worked as both an executive and consultant in developing and implementing innovative sales, marketing, and product strategies across multiple industries. Steve is the inventor-of-record on patents in the consumer and technology fields.

It’s time to start some trouble

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