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Denis Huré, entrepreneur and disruptor, is the Founder and CEO of Reward the World, a company who is shaking up the loyalty rewards sector.

“The consumer loyalty market worldwide is valued at more than four billion U.S. dollars and it’s expected to surpass 18 billion by the end of 2028.” Statista

Denis’ true passion is marketing, which he describes as a mixture of psychology and anthropology. His other keen interest is technology because it allows smaller companies to compete with large ones; it levels the playing field.

This quote is really interesting to me – “Technology brings innovation, and that allows an acceleration into more innovation.”

Challenges in the early years

The early loyalty rewards sector had no digital delivery in the early years. And they weren’t shipping rewards any faster than 7 days

The early years were all about points and that controlled consumer behavior. Then Generation Z arrived. They had always been on the Internet. They have no interest in collecting points. Give them an instant experience on whatever device they’re using and they will love it. This change shook up the loyalty sector.

Into this sector, Denis’ original idea was to provide micro instant rewards globally. As you can imagine, Denis’ clients were thrilled. Now, consumers and employees can get instant delivery and gratification. Program managers get real-time data from these incentives so they can fine-tune their campaigns. Even so, in the loyalty sector, approximately 30% of points are never redeemed.

In the old days, a Starbucks gift card could tell you almost nothing about the consumer’s behavior. Digital entertainment tells you so much more. If we know the music you like, which movies you watch, then we can tell a great deal about the consumer or employee.

The cookie apocalypse

Apple and Google have increased efforts to limit how cookies are used. “Google’s move to eliminate 3PCs from Chrome is another massive shift, effectively wiping the use of 3PCs from a browser that effectively owns 48 percent market share.

Google announced they would delay the phase out of 3rd party cookies to 2023, but companies need to be looking for ways to switch to non-cookie campaigns and shift to first-party-data strategies

Being a troublemaker

Denis spends 25% to 30% of his time on innovation. While that might seem like a lot of time, he said if he gets just 1 great idea out of the effort, it’s worth it.

“You need to follow your dreams, but they also need to understand that there’s plenty of people who have great ideas. In France we say, ‘the cemeteries are full of people with big ideas.’ And that’s true. But the execution of ideas is key.”

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