• We’re Trouble

Every business needs a troublemaker.

These days, most companies are going to market with the same tactics, so it’s nearly impossible to stand out.

Trouble Group is always looking to shake things up – to get exponential results. Lately, we’ve turned our attention to the key challenge facing salespeople.

Our latest invention is a Stealth Sales Strategy that will have your prospects begging to work with your salespeople in the first contact.

Your Content Marketing
is Lazy

Use our system to engage industry thought leaders to create and promote brilliant content for you for free. It creates a direct path to new leads.

We’ve got
big ideas for you

We partner with marketing departments to feed huge custom creative ideas into your marketing plan, lighting up your brand and driving leads.

Rent a
Marketing Consultant

Over decades working with B2B and B2C companies, we’ve solved hundreds of marketing issues. You can rent that brilliance by the hour.

Are you a

If you’re shaking up your industry, we want to know what makes you tick. Chat with Steve on our Troublemakers podcast.

It’s time to start some trouble

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