Digital transformation and commoditization caught most ad agencies by surprise. Now the huge consulting firms like Accenture, Deloitte, and KPMG are stepping onto your turf. They’re acquiring small, nimble ad firms to compete directly with you. These consulting companies are already trusted by clients for strategy. Taking over creative duties and media execution becomes their next step.

In the face of all the above, how do ad agencies like yours compete? By getting stronger at what matters:

  • Brilliant strategic thinking
  • Riveting creative ideas
  • Perfect execution

That’s where Trouble Group comes in.

We’re consultants who help ad agencies gain an edge, find new revenue streams, and discover higher margin projects. We also help them stop being confused by digital transformation and start capitalizing on it.

We get involved throughout the ad agency but we’re strongest in the creative department, where we see huge room for improvement.

  • Are you selling brand continuity management to your clients?
  • How much time is your agency burning looking for poorly organized files?
  • Who teaches your young art directors to kern headlines?
  • How do you handle external creative vendors who are delivering inconsistent work?

Trouble Group consultants have 30+ years in some of the best ad agencies in the world. We’ve done award-winning work for brands like Nissan, Waterford, Labatts, Ricoh, Fila, and many more.

Ask your creative department to check out the brief samples below. We’ve got a lot more on everything from new business pitch strategies, to video production training, to hiring brilliant staff.

Trouble Group Training Samples
for Creative Departments

Brand Continuity Training (4:00 sample)
The huge difference that brand continuity makes is not going missing on the cooler clients out there. Does your ad agency help clients invent and maintain a unified look in all media? We can train your creatives to do it right.

File Management Training (4:00 sample podcast)
Countless hours are wasted every year in ad agencies looking for horribly organized files. Trouble Group’s James Eves will make immediate fixes and implement long-term processes to save you hundreds of hours a year.

Other ways we help ad agencies

  • Bringing you client prospects
  • Building you a content marketing offering
  • Increasing profitability with simple best-practice
  • Turning you into digital experts, fast
  • Embracing metrics and measurement
  • Acting as interim Creative Director
  • Teaching devious new business pitching techniques
  • Turning your creative department into ninjas

It’s time to start some trouble

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