A new revenue stream
An easy way to break into new clients

It’s easy to get clients hooked on web videos. We did it for 6 years in our own content marketing company. While a few of our clients pulled much of their content creation in-house, they could never do their own videos. It became the one thing from which we could get ongoing revenue and it kept us involved with their business.

We created every video you see below – all in-house – and nearly 100 more. And we never set out to be a video production company.

If you study the lighting, music, and animation techniques, as well as our process,  your creative team will know how to create all these types of videos in two months.

Learn how to set up a video division

  • Minimal equipment requirements
  • How to light
  • Capturing the best quality audio
  • Which editing software to use and how to use it
  • Easy ways to animate
  • How to sell a series of videos, not just a one-off
  • The art of interviewing thought leaders
  • Keeping your margins high
  • Being a hero with your clients

How it works

The syllabus is tight. The training sessions are fast and efficient. We report back to you after every milestone. An intensive version of this program can be completed in 2 weeks with combination of hands-on in person meetings and web conferencing sessions. The meetings are crisp because your team has other work to do.

Within 2 months of completion, you’ll already begin to see ROI from your investment in the equipment and training.

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We can train any ad agency with an art director and a writer to create great video for their clients

About Trouble Group

Our founder worked on million dollar budget commercials for companies like Labatts, Arbys, Ford Motor, fast food companies, retail banks, packaged goods, and hospitals. One that he’s most proud of won Commercial of the Decade. It cost less than $2000 to film and produce.

For 6 years we’ve run a content marketing company called ion Leap. Our clients included small, medium, and large companies in every conceivable business sector. We created every conceivable kind of video and produced every element of them ourselves, in-house.

Now we’re training other small and mid-size agencies how to write, art direct, shoot, edit, animate and sell their own videos.

Other ways we help ad agencies

  • Building You a Content Marketing Offering
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Turning Your Company Into Digital Experts, Fast
  • How to sell the ideas that will make your clients and your agency famous
  • Training Your Creative Department to Invent More Powerful Ideas
  • Interim Creative Director
  • Embracing the Future of Metrics & Measurement of Absolutely Everything
  • Doing Great Creative Despite the Metrics Movement

It’s time to start some trouble

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