Marketing is more complex than ever. For that reason, it’s time to get your department functioning with maximum efficiency. We consistently hear three main concerns from marketing directors:

  1. Feeding the Content Engine – Companies who use Content Marketing are swamped with handling all the elements required to feed the machine. Trouble will help you understand and implement the right mix of the hundreds of available tactics and achieve ROI.  jump to section >>
  2. Excellence at the Essentials – Skill gaps among staff in the marketing department cost you time and money. We’ll train your art directors, writers, project managers, and web team to be Formula 1 level brilliant.   jump to section >>
  3. Sales and Marketing Alignment – The misalignment between the Sales and Marketing Departments is alive and well. It’s going to take a creative approach to realign these critically interdependent departments.  jump to section >>

A lot of effort goes into Content Marketing.
How’s your ROI?

Feeding the Content Engine

Today, content publishing and management are critical elements of marketing. It’s an incredibly complex undertaking, which pins down your staff and makes it difficult to accomplish other marketing tasks.

  • 56% of all B2B companies surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) in 2018 said they are “extremely or very committed to content marketing.”

This statistic is a significant increase from the CMI’s first survey in 2010. But just because more companies are pumping out content, doesn’t mean they’re getting their desired results.

  • 47% of B2B marketers say they don’t measure the ROI of their content efforts.
  • 44% say it’s become increasingly difficult to capture their audience’s attention.
  • Only 24% say their content approach is very or extremely successful.

Trouble Group is uniquely qualified to resolve the issues that lead to these statistics. For 6 years we ran a successful Content Marketing company, guiding the creation, execution, and distribution of brilliant messaging for B2B and B2C companies. In other words, we know your pain and we know how to fix it.

Contact us to see how Trouble Group can teach your staff to get the most from content marketing.

50% of talent in the marketing and communications industry feel undertrained

We’ll train your staff on
Excellence at the Essentials

A recent survey shows:

  • 90% of staff say they have to figure things out on their own due to the lack of training

These statistics are from advertising agencies, but you can bet they hold true with in-house marketing staff, and may even be worse. Team members are asked to wear many hats and develop skills in areas outside their expertise. YouTube videos provide limited instruction. Your staff needs real training from experts. Trouble provides precise training and strategies that will increase your marketing team members’ confidence.

  • How much time is wasted looking for poorly organized files?
  • Who teaches your young art directors craftsmanship such as kerning headlines?
  • Do you have brand image continuity?
  • How do you handle external creative vendors who are delivering inconsistent work?
  • Would you consider setting up in-house video capability?

Samples of our training

Brand Continuity Training (4:00 sample)
Unified brand continuity in all media touchpoints will differentiate your company from the competition. We can train your creative talent to make your company stand out from the rest.

File Management Training (4:00 sample podcast)
Countless hours are wasted every year in marketing departments looking for poorly organized files. Trouble will make immediate fixes and implement durable processes to save you hundreds of work hours per year.

A Creative Approach to Sales & Marketing Alignment

Many consultants have set out to solve the dysfunctional interaction between salespeople and marketing people. Almost all attempts fail.

Tons of ink has been spilled on the subject. For instance, a typical assessment by Harvard Business Review contains several generic solutions. The problem with ideas like creating joint assignments, colocation of the departments, and even swapping jobs for short periods is that they’re short-term solutions. After the “rah rah” sales meeting, your staff inevitably return to their silos.

Trouble brings a creative approach to the problem. Our deliverable isn’t feel-good meetings or experiments – it’s tangible, repeatable tactics and an irrefutable jump in sales.

The best way to show your sales team and C-suite that marketing is a powerful force in your company is to deliver a massive amount of new leads thanks to badass marketing.

Watch the case studies below and see the power of wildly creative ideas that generated a huge boost in leads and sales, and made heroes out of the marketing department.

Video seems to be a major difficulty for marketing departments

Every in-house marketing group can be trained
to be excellent videographers. Trouble has
decades of experience creating thought leadership videos.

We’ll train your team to:

  • Be expert interviewers and put your thought leaders at ease
  • Use lighting like the experts
  • Get the audio recording perfect
  • Use special effects and inventive animation
  • Shoot batches of footage to get multiple assets from each session
  • Create simple videos to boost your volume and your ranking
  • Produce video in a tiered approach for distribution by your sales team all the way up to your CEO

It’s time to start some trouble

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